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A flooring with characteristics

A natural wood floor naturally differs in grain and color. The following quality characteristics are the same for all gradings.

Product description

bottom layer
veneer backing
100 % in Austria
manufactured natural wood
3-layer construction /
total thickness 13 mm
installation system
lock-it or tongue&groove
  • 3-layer construction
  • top layer thickness of approx. 2,5 mm
  • spruce core
  • softwood veneer backing
surface texture
  • brushed
  • natural oiled easy care
  • 13 x 158 / 2000 / 2400 mm
  • 13 x 192 / 2000 / 2400 mm
installation system
  • lock-it
  • tongue&groove

NO FINAL COAT OF OIL REQUIRED AFTER INSTALLATION! You‘ll find further information in the ondo maintenance & installation instructions. All floors of the ondo range are ideally suited for under-floor heating systems. In this case, we suggest a full surface stick down installation with Admonter elastic adhesive. We recommend hot-water underfloor heating systems set at low temperature. ondo can also be installed as a floating floor.